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    We are a respectful, mature, progression focused guild. We are trying to fill our 25 man roster. We are recruiting 80's only at this time. Our server is Garrosh (Normal/East). Our raid days and times vary from week to week because some of our key raiders have work schedules that prevent them from committing to a set schedule. 

I.) Healers
  a. 2k+ spell power
  a. 3k+ raid dps
III.) Tanks
  a. 35k+ hp 10-man raid buffed
  b. 25k+ armor
  c. 540+ defense

Guild Rules:
1.) Do not disrespect any fellow guild member, regardless of skill. 
2.) No cheating or hacking
3.) Be patient with and help guild members, because not everyone is a WoW expert.
4.) Have fun.
5.) Show up for scheduled raids.

Raid Rules:
1.) Need D.B.M. (Deadly Boss Mobs), Vent, and Omen to raid.
2.) Raid leader or myself will be Loot Master.
3.) Main-spec roll first, if noone rolls then off-spec roll, if noone rolls then d/e gets.
4.) 80's with one week of non-activity will be demoted in guild ranks one rank per 7 days of non-activity. Unless an officer or higher is told, of course.
5.) The more active you are, the higher your senority when it comes time to gather raid groups.
Recruiting Informati
Army of Darkness is currently recruiting the following:
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Feral (1)
Arcane (1)
Fire (1)
Frost (1)
Discipline (2)
Holy (1)
Shadow (1)
Elemental (1)
Enhancement (1)
Affliction (1)
Demonology (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (2)
Fury (2)
Protection (1)
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